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An Online Course

What do Western esoteric traditions and astrophysics have in common?

Short answer: your bank account.

No joke. Einstein’s equations, modern universal laws, and the fundamental principles of centuries-old mystery schools are all fascinatingly, powerfully linked. Once you learn how to take full advantage of those parallels, your thoughts on money – and your checkbook – will never be the same again.

The enrollment period for this course has passed – HOWEVER, if you’re interested, please Contact Me and we can get you set up anyway. :)


Wanna work with me one-on-one?

I offer consulting services in the realms of life and business, productivity, and esoteric stuff like tarot, astrology, etc. I also do voice-over services (via ACX), and digital art/graphic design services (via… myself). If any of those sound like something you’d be interested in, gimme a shout through the Contact page.