Something Awesome This Way Comes…

So I did some real fun conceptual dot-connecting earlier today.

I’ve had a hankering to make some kind of an online course for a while now, and I think I’ve finally hit on my subject matter. Or, well, three or four subject matters that all link up AWESOMELY.

class banner


What do Western esoteric traditions and astrophysics have in common?

Short answer: your bank account.

No joke. Einstein’s equations, modern universal laws, and the fundamental principles of centuries-old mystery schools are all fascinatingly, powerfully linked. Once you learn how to take full advantage of those parallels, your thoughts on money – and your checkbook – will never be the same again.

More information coming soon.

Consider this a little teaser trailer. Development is under way, and I’ll give you another shout-out when enrollment’s open.

I’m genuinely excited about this, guys. This is basically the mind-blowing convergence of some of my favorite areas of study — with the end result of being supremely helpful and kinda life-changing for you folks. I mean that’s pretty much my whole wishlist as a teacher/mentor/researcher/creative person/etc.

I’m psyched. :)

3 thoughts on “Something Awesome This Way Comes…

    1. Why, thank you! You’re very kind! :) I actually based the title off a quote from Macbeth, but I see there is indeed a Ray Bradbury book by the same name (Something Wicked This Way Comes) – and it looks pretty great too, so thanks for the accidental recommendation. ^^

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