The Validity of Netflix (or, How Star Trek is Kinda Saving My Life Right Now)

Okay, hear me out.

Binge-watching kinda… goes. As in, it goes on. Those crafty folks over at Netflix know what’s up with our brains and our viewing habits, and there’s no use denying it. Sorry, but I’m not advocating binge-watching as the secret to productivity, because as much as it has its place (you HAVE to give yourself a day off sometimes)… yeah no, not exactly great for the immediate getting done of stuff.


Indulging in one episode at a time, as both a sort of reward and a happy little playdate for the soul, is a freaking miracle.

You may have noticed in my little profile description thingy that I am a proud nerd. Well, if you had any doubts about that, you’re about to have them matter-of-factly incinerated.

Star Trek: Voyager is the best thing that’s happened to me over the past couple months.

After a marathon of a dealing with a million pressing things, being able to just sit the heck down in my awesome chair and go hang out in deep space with one of the greatest ensembles of characters ever created is frankly life-saving.

This is not just a show about bizarre space things and aliens doing alien stuff (although there’s plenty of that too) — it’s also about triumphing over incredible odds, standing by the people you care about no matter what, giving and receiving support, and the power of perseverance to overcome just about anything that might stand in your way.

(Plus the bizarre space things are really cool, and my recent dive into the study of cosmology and gravitational wave astronomy has made my viewing all kinds of interesting. So like, bonus points.)

After a healthy dose of all that genuine goodness alongside characters I love and relate to, how could I not feel empowered to go forth and kick ass? The answer is I couldn’t. I always feel that way. In case… that wasn’t clear.

So bottom line, if you’ve got a show or a podcast or a book series or whatever that just speaks to your soul and recharges your internal batteries, give yourself a damn break and let yourself enjoy it every once in a while. It makes getting all the other stuff done a million times easier afterwards. Think of it as an investment. One that’s almost certainly gonna pay off.

Just keep an eye on that auto-play feature and you’ll be just fine.




(also go watch Voyager it’s beautiful *cough*)

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