A Little Blog Business

Hello there!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been kinda off the radar for the past little while here with the exception of my Music of the Week posts. I just wanted to assure you that more will be coming soon, once various Life Factors have decided to calm the heck down and let me do more stuff for you guys.

That being said – anything in particular you would like to see/like to see more of? This stuff’s here for you, after all. Stories, art, music, tips and tricks… whatcha in the mood for? Comment and let me know. :)

Oh, and speaking of the MotW posts, I noticed a couple of them doing weird things with tags? Like sort of doubling up week to week? I think this is because I was formerly starting one week’s post by duplicating the previous week’s post, and apparently WordPress decided to ignore the fact that I went through and deleted the irrelevant tags. Thanks, WordPress. But in any case, I’m gonna just suck it up and do each one from scratch from now on, just to make sure none of that weird nonsense crops up again. I’m all for weird nonsense, but not the sort that is unintentional and annoying.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the beginnings of spring, as I am!

Thanks for reading,



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