MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Sea Offs – Unfound

HEYO, it’s a regularly scheduled thing!

That’s right folks, starting right now you’ll get a new song/piece of music every Saturday that’s been really inspiring me, motivating me, and/or generally occupying space in my head. You’ll have to forgive me if our music tastes don’t totally mesh, but don’t worry – I like a lotta different genres and styles. Chances are something will come around eventually that catches your eye. And hey, consider giving something new a try!

(Ech, it rhymed. That was not intentional.)

So without further ado, let’s kick this thing off.


THE SONG: Unfound

THE ARTIST: Sea Offs (

Looking out my window at the sun setting through raindrops and empty branches… Spring’s here, but some other things aren’t.

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