The Art of Candle Mixology

Don’t you lie to me – you’ve stopped in that one aisle of the grocery store that has all the candles and tried to look casual as you breathe deeply and attempt not to drool. You… you totally have. Projecting? What’s projecting? Whatever do you mean?

Well, whether or not you share my secret candle obsession, there’s a lot of fun to be had in mixing and matching candles. I’m not talking about making candles – although that’s also great – I’m just talking about stocking up on the affordable ones, forming yourself a nice little hoard, and mixing and matching multiple scents to “design” the right atmosphere for any mood or season.

Here are a few combinations I’ve come up with:

Lilac blossom + vanilla and melon = waking up late and wandering out into a country garden to sit in the sun and feel the breeze on your face

Teakwood and sandalwood + fir, cedar, and cloves = settling down at an old writing desk to study ancient folklore beside the fire on a winter’s night

Lavender + eucalyptus = the meditation room of some glorious destination resort in Europe, aka put on some flute music and leave me to peacefully contemplate the nature of reality

And these are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head with the current selection decorating the designated “candle shelf” in my bedroom.

I find the random art of candle mixology particularly useful when I’m writing, drawing, or otherwise attempting to be creative. Something about that subtle olfactory contribution to the energy of the room does wonders for the imagination. And of course the best part is being able to customize it to exactly the “Feel” you’re aiming at – however wonderful individual candles are, putting two (or even three, if you’re feeling real adventurous) together is as much fun as designing sound for a play. (Which, in case you are not aware, is absolute buckets of fun.)

So do some experimenting! If you find a particularly cool combination, feel free to share.


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